While we listed the original GAME GOLF Classic, under our Golf Training Aids category, we are adding GAME GOLF LIVE within the GPS Devices category. As with the Classic, GAME GOLF LIVE doesn’t have a screen, but we are sliding it into GPS Devices with the addition of the GAME GOLF free iOS/Android app. GAME GOLF LIVE can provide real-time on course statistics, in-round editing capabilities, real-time (or post-round) syncing, and “SMART GPS”. If you leave your phone at home, that’s okay…GAME GOLF LIVE continues to record your stats for review post-round, either on your phone or computer.

The GAME GOLF Classic is permitted to be used under the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf for tournament play, and the GAME GOLF LIVE can as well, provided you don’t use the accompanying app during play. One of the negatives of the original Classic was the lack of information on distances to holes or hazards, which meant most of us technophiles would need to carry a separate GPS device while we play. While we don’t have to do this with GAME GOLF LIVE, we still do need to carry a phone to receive hole information. One way or another, with GAME GOLF we are going to have two separate pieces of hardware with us when playing. The question is…are you happy enough with the free GAME GOLF app that accompanies the device, or would you rather use one of the best Golf GPS devices?

Retail price: $299.00
Three-year cost: $299.00
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