The Medicus Dual-Handle Putter Trainer looks and works unlike any of the other putting training aids on the market. The Medicus trainer temporarily attaches to your putter by “sitting” on the butt end of your grip, with two handles that extended to either side of your putter handle, and then the entire trainer attaches at the base of your grip. It’s a little difficult to explain, so best to look at the image.

The goal of the training aid is to train the movement of the shoulders so the putter moves back and forth in a pendulum motion, without sideways motion from the intended path. With the two handles that you grip onto with your hands, this encourages your arms to both work as one unit, with the result being keeping your ball on line every time. You can choose two ways to putt – either by moving moving your shoulders, or else by pushing with your right arm.

Medicus is currently blowing out their Dual-Handle Putter Trainer for $19.95, down from their original $69.95 (which was excessive, mind you).

Medicus Dual-Handle Putter

Retail price: $19.95(!), originally $69.95 Check price now

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