TOMI, short for The Optimum Motion Instructor, is a training system designed to support instruction on the practice green. The system consists of a transmitter that attaches to the shaft and a base unit which records the information and saves it to your PC. The system records the motion and angle of the putter in space, from the backstroke to follow-through. The system then in near real-time breaks the data into sets of data for each of the eight key stroke measurements and then displays these results in charts and graphs.

The focus of the system is on the fundamentals of putting (see image at right), which Marius Filmalter, inventor of the TOMI, has broken down into the eight measurements: alignment at address, alignment at impact, path at impact, stroke path and rotation, shaft angle/actual degrees of loft at impact (effective loft), impact spot, club velocity at impact and stroke tempo.

We are a little concerned that the website is in bad shape, and the data provided on screen doesn’t look as up-to-date as some other swing analysis systems, and here’s hoping they focus on the user experience of both to make a good first impression. It’s a unique training aid, and provides a wealth of extremely detailed information. For data junkies out there looking to work on their putting, this could be just the device they are looking for.

TOMI Putting System

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And a video or two:

TOMI overview

TOMI Golf Channel Commercial

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