IZZO takes on some serious competition with their Swami GT, a combination GPS and “game tracker” all-in-one that will compete with Arccos and GAME GOLF, companies that offer very strong interfaces and polish.

As with the competition, lightweight tags are screwed into the butt end of each club, which then work via NFC (Near Field Communities) technology and GPS to transmit and track your shot data without the player having to manually input any information. The Swami GT doesn’t only track your game, however, it also has an 2.5″ LCD display that provides you with distances to front, center and back of green (30,000 courses mapped worldwide), distances to targets. and a recommended club based upon your club averages, which makes the device illegal for USGA tournament play. The Swami GT will also track your score, putts and GIR (though curiously, that can be done by tracking all your shots…hmmm). While some information is viewing post-round on the device, by syncing the device to your (free) Swami GT account online, you can review the full stats.


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The big selling point is the cost, which at $200 for a combination GPS and game tracking device, will make players who are interested in more data on their game want to take a look. And, we bet, put some pressure on Arccos and GAME GOLF to lower their prices.

Retail price: $199.99
Three year price: $199.99
Availability: “Coming soon!” (as of June 2015)

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  1. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible product. The idea is good, the implementation just fails completely. The device is not useable. Avoid. Save your money

  2. After one game, I got a lot of useful data, but couldnt download onto my PC. after following instructions, getting advice from IZZO, the unit just failed completely. However, to their credit, they are sending a replacement. I will report on the progress of the replacement and its functionality.

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