The FJ SuperLites CT provide an athletic look in an extremely lightweight package. At a mere 1.15 pounds, these are the lightest spikeless golf shoes that we’ve tested. The SuperLites CT are comfortable, breathe well, and at their reasonable price point ($115 MSRP), have emerged as one of our favorites among athletic-style spikeless golf shoes. The one caveat is that they are not waterproof, so depending on the climate in which you play, they may or may not be feasible.
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The sporty profile of the FJ SuperLites CT looks sharp on the course – but depending on the color, may work better stylistically with shorts, rather than long pants. The FJ SuperLites CT are offered in white/grey (with blue soles), dark grey/black (with red soles), white/black/black (with black soles), and light grey/black (with neon soles). Our test pair in white/grey closely resembled sneakers, while the white/black/black have a saddle shoe look. The mesh uppers add to the athletic look.

FootJoy FJ SuperLites CT

The “CT” in SuperLites CT ostensibly refers to the fact that they are built on FootJoy’s “Competition II” lasts (a “last” is a model of a foot used as part of the shoe manufacturing process, with different lasts used depending on the type of footwear being made). According to FootJoy’s web site, the Competition II last “offers a full rounded toe character, standard fit across forefoot, full instep, with a slightly narrow heel. Athletically sloped from instep to toe.” The SuperLites CT did indeed have a nice athletic feel, positioning weight slightly forward.

Note that the sizing ran large – we found that we were best suited with a pair of FJ SuperLites CT that were a half size smaller than what we normally purchase (i.e. we bought the SuperLites CT in a 9, instead of a 9.5).

We tromped around the hills of Wisconsin in the SuperLites CT over two days and found them to be lightweight and comfortable. After sloshing through some muck and mire left over from a rain shower, we had some fear that they would never be white again, but they cleaned up nicely, shucking off mud and dirt with ease.

The SuperLites CT weighed only 1.15 pounds for the pair, achieving some of this through the use of FootJoy’s “Fine Tuned Foam” in the construction of the outsoles. The foam outsoles are nicely flexible, and we haven’t yet noticed any negative impact on durability from the use of foam. The mesh uppers breathe well, so the shoes don’t become a sauna for your feet in warmer weather. We found the SuperLites CT to be perfectly agreeable with our feet from the moment we took them out of the box.

FootJoy FJ SuperLites CT

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The FJ SuperLites CT achieve traction through pods of pointy plastic/rubber shapes on the outsole, positioned where you might find traditional spikes. Slipping wasn’t a problem during any of our test rounds, even on a rain-drenched course.

The $115 MSRP of the FJ SuperLites CT places them among the least expensive spikeless golf shoes we’ve tested (with $100 being the lowest end of the spectrum).

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