Leica Pinmaster

We never had a chance to test the Leica Pinmaster (the $799 price point was beyond our means), but here is a quick overview:

From one of the top optical companies in the world comes the Leica Pinmaster. The Pinmaster sports a lightweight carbon-reinforced body and is watertight (to a depth of a meter, so don’t throw it into the pond in a fit of rage). The device offers an exceptional 7x magnification (matching the Bushnell 1600 series and the Callaway LR1200), with an adjustable eyepiece that is suitable for glasses wearers and an LED display that adjusts its brightness based on the lighting conditions during play.

The Pinmaster is one of the smallest laser rangefinders in our tests at a mere 4.5″ x 2.25″ x 1.25″ and 7.8 oz. The whopping $799 price tag is tops the in our tests, but rest assured you will likely to be the only one in your foursome playing this beauty.

Retail price: $799.95