Clicgear is trying something new with their Model 8, which is the first four-wheeled cart from the company and expands the line of carts that includes the Clicgear 3.5+ (setting aside the Rovic “sub-brand”, though we can’t tell what separates the two companies).

At nearly 22 pounds, the Model 8 is the new heavyweight in our push cart category. While the cart is well-made and extremely stable, the additional weight is noticeable, and is likely compounded by the relatively wide solid tires. The Model 8 collapses to 27″ x 17″ x 15″ in size, which won’t work for everyone given that the frame collapses into a bulky cube as opposed to a flatter design. If have a car with a smaller trunk and already have a couple of sets of clubs back there, the Model 8 will likely have to go into the back seat.

The cart features a hand lever that activates the dual front brakes, a number of accessory tabs and holders, solid tires, and a large storage tray. As we have seen in the past from Clicgear, there are a slew of accessories available, including a cooler bag, travel covers, shoe brush, and even an attachable seat to take a load off. If you’re looking to trick out your cart, Clicgear definitely offers a host of options.

While we like the looks and build of the Model 8, there were a number of disappointing design elements that we couldn’t quite get over, including the plastic bracket that poorly cradles the bag and the lack of a lower strap at the base of the bag, both which combine to cause the bag to twist when the cart is being pushed, and the odd position of the brake lever.

Ease of Set-Up
On Course Impressions

Clicgear has historically made the highest-priced carts in our test, and the Model 8 is the latest champ in this category. It’s tough to say who the target customer is for the Clicgear Model 8, but we find it to be a push cart that is best suited for players who demand extreme stability, have a cart/staff bag (versus a carry bag), and will customize their cart through additional bags and other accessories. Most players who desire the basic features offered on the Model 8 may find a better fit in the less expensive Rovic RV1S or Clicgear 3.5+.

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80 / B


Hefty, hefty, hefty!

The Clicgear Model 8 weighs in at 22 pounds, up significantly from its 19.5 pound brethren, the Clicgear 3.5+. This makes the Model 8 one of the heaviest push carts tested, and one that folds up into a relatively large block, usually necessitating it riding shotgun in a smaller-sized vehicle. The additional size relative to existing Clicgear carts is created by the fourth wheel, though we will hold out hope that future Clicgear four-wheelers will come in a smaller footprint, such as that found in the four-wheeled Sun Mountain MC3.

93 / A-


The unfolding process for the Model 8 is, thankfully, much simpler than that of the Clicgear 3.5+. Unfolding the Clicgear Model 8 is quite straightforward, involving unlock the handlebar lock lever, stepping on the plastic piece that says “STEP” (to keep the cart from rolling) to hold one of the front wheels in place, and then lifting the main handle up and back while slightly lifting up the rear of the cart so the back wheels can extend into position. The frame will click into place and you need only adjust the handlebar to the appropriate height and strap in the top of the bag before you’re off to the races. The Model 8 features flexible new straps that hold the bag in place on the cart and are easily adjustable.

Clicgear Model 8

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There is, unfortunately, no lower strap to assist in securing the bag at its base. That, combined with an, ahem, “unique” plastic section where the cart cradles the bag at the top, resulted in the bag twisting and turning as we moved between shots. Every time. Which is a pain. There is a separate Clicgear Bag Cozy that is designed to help eliminate bag roll with stand bags, but really…how about simply designing the cart so all bags don’t twist instead of relying on the purchase of additional $25 accessory? Some folks will probably point out that the Model 8 is designed for a cart bag, but in our highly unscientific research, we found that the vast majority of players use carry bags with their push carts.

Folding the cart is just as easy, requiring you to merely lift on a center handle, unlatch the handle used to adjust the handlebar, and then, while stepping down again on the front wheel, push down to collapse the cart. After that you need only clip the handlebar handle in place. If you work in the marketing department, you’ll call this 4XFOLD. The only hitch is, depending on what accessories are attached, you may need to twist them a bit into the proper position so they don’t pop off while folding the cart.

85 / B


Clicgear Model 8

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There is lots of thoughtful design in the Model 8, and the cart has the rugged good looks of earlier models.

94 / A


Clicgear Model 8

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The storage and accessories available on the Model 8 include:

95 / A

The Clicgear is certainly one of the better looking push carts available. It puts to shame those carts that look like…well, crap. You know who you are, push cart manufacturers. The ones that look like the pieces will snap in half when you take the cart over a curb, or are chunky or cheap, or give the impression that nobody made an effort to design something even halfway decent looking (which really is all too often the case).

Aside from the good looking design, the Model 8 has a total of seven different color combinations available, with choices for the frame and, in some cases, the wheels. Tires, accessory holes, tray, and pivot points are black on all of the color combinations.

There are three subdued color combinations: charcoal frame with black wheels, silver frame with black wheels, and white frame with white wheels. If you want to spice things up a bit, there is a fairly bright blue/blue combo. And if you are worried about search parties not being able to find you when you venture off into the woods, consider the lime or orange color options, both with matching wheels. We’re just waiting for Clicgear to offer some spinners.

80 / B-

Just…wow. Clicgear takes pricing to another level (and not in a good way), jumping over $50 in list price from the Clicgear 3.5+. Clicgear carts have historically been among the most expensive golf push carts that we have tested, and the Model 8 keeps it that way. The Model 8 combines very solid construction with a well-rounded feature set and a good looking design. But given some of the complaints we’ve noted above, we are confident that players can find a better deal with one of the competing push carts, or be just as happy within the wider Clicgear (Rovic) family.

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