Laser Link SLOPE

Laser Link SLOPE

We weren’t surprised to see Laser Link release another vertically-held rangefinder with similar form factor to most other manufacturers. What we were surprised to see from the company was the release of a rangefinder that provides slope-adjusted yardage displays, and the ability to toggle off the slope mode for competitive rounds (though the company does not call out whether the device is USGA-compliant). The device keeps the specs of its closest relation, the XL1000, with 6x magnification, +/- 0.5 yard accuracy, and the ability to scan across multiple targets for distances (reflective prism not required on flagsticks).

Downsides are the relatively low maximum 300 yard maximum to the flagstick, and 650 yard range to targets, less than the XL1000‘s 1000 yard maximum.

The Laser Link SLOPE (and why, why, why with the ALL CAPS) has a body slightly larger than the Laser Link XL1000, with a size of 4.6 x 3.0 x 1.5″, and 8.6 ounces with battery. The device is water resistant and takes a CR2 3-volt battery.

Perhaps the biggest surprise, however, is that the company was willing to get so aggressive with the price point. At $199 retail, they undercut the Red Hot 2, and put the rangefinder just $10 more than the classic QuickShot 2.0. Unexpected indeed.

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