Laser Link QuickShot 2.0

Laser Link QuickShot 2.0

The original…the QuickShot.

Laser Link retains most all of the features of their classic QuickShot, including the pistol form factor (of course), and a red dot in the viewfinder to help align with the flagstick to obtain yardages. Just remember, this laser rangefinder will work only if the flagstick is equipped with a reflective prism. If they aren’t, and you like this shape of rangefinder, you’ll want to look at either the Laser Link Switch Tour, or the Laser Link Red Hot 2.

Stacking up to the original QuickShot, you’ll see a slightly thinner body (5.4 x 2 x 3.1″), new grip, and lighter weight (at 6.4 ounces), and measurements up to 400 yards (less than most all other rangefinders). The LCD, confirmation settings (audio, silent and vibrate), red-dot aiming all remain the same.

We’ve said it once and will say it again:
The QuickShot 2.0 laser rangefinder REQUIRES flagstick reflectors in order to use. So if you are about to throw down some cash for this rangefinder, make sure it is usable at the courses you play!

The last note we should add is that the QuickShot 2.0 has a retail price of $189, which is $100 less than the QuickShot. The previous price level was out-of-line with what the device could deliver, so good to see the company has finally taken notice and dropped the price accordingly.

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